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Other selected projects that do not fit neatly in the other categories.

Online learning in the library

Seven modules in Blackboard

At Lloyd Sealy Library, I spearhead the implementation of library into the Blackboard course management system at John Jay. I created modules that are included in the default course template, so that as of spring 2016, 1,000+ online courses at John Jay include a Library Resources tab. To accomplish this, I collaborate with the Blackboard administrator on my campus. We presented our work in progress at Northeast Connect in fall 2015.

In addition, as a pilot project, I’ve been an “embedded librarian” in selected courses. For two weeks, I “visit” the class in Blackboard and post relevant library tutorials and resources as the students are preparing a given assignment.

See the Faculty Toolbox for Online Learning for more »

Murder Mystery Challenge

Murder Mystery Challenge advertisement

For three years running, first-years and transfer students at John Jay can take part in the Murder Mystery Challenge, a group puzzle designed to walk students through basic research tasks. I wrote and designed the Challenge based on a real murder case, using a 1922 trial transcript in the Lloyd Sealy Library Special Collections. I collaborate with other librarians and our colleagues in the Student Academic Success Programs to organize the Challenge. Students form groups themselves and are guided through the Challenge by a Peer Mentor, an older student who shares their own research tips and tricks.

See the Murder Mystery Challenge »

Social media

Nine instagram photos from the John Jay library

I created the Lloyd Sealy Library’s Instagram account and post regularly. In addition to library announcements and workshop promotions, I regularly post #Stacksplorations (highlighting books in the stacks) and #TBT Throwback Thursdays (photos from the John Jay College archives). I wrote about using Instragram in a library in a high-traffic post on my other blog.

Along with several other librarians, I post library news and photos to the Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. We collaborate with other social media managers on campus to promote the highest-priority news items. I keep track of social media stats.

(We also explored Pinterest, Flickr, and Foursquare but have let those accounts wither gracefully.)


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