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John Jay Library website

Lloyd Sealy Library, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2012–present) — The library homepage, containing portals to databases, research help, and library information. I led the migration, redesign, and launch of the new Drupal 7 website (a drastic change from the previous one) and continue to maintain it. Nearly every semester, I lead usability testing with students. Selected blog posts about our use of Drupal »

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Digital Collections

Digital Collections, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2014–present) — As part of the team of librarians and consultants that created this project, I collaborated in designing the user interface, trained my colleagues in using the CollectiveAccess system, and planned and executed multiple collection migrations. I also convened the CollectiveAccess User Group in New York City, which meets quarterly. More about this project »

Screenshot of Remy's Letters website

Remy’s Letters (2014–present) — A personal project for my family. I scanned and cataloged over 200 of my grandmother’s WWII-era letters, then made them available to my family using Omeka. The Scripto plugin allows easy on-screen transcription, so with the help of my cousins, we’re slowly transcribing every letter in the collection. (Transcription is open to everyone; if you choose to contribute, please follow the transcription guidelines provided.)

DH Curation Guide (2010–2013) — A collaborative online guide of resources and best practices in digital humanities data curation. Sole UX designer/researcher. Managing co-editor. HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, jQuery. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. [The website is still up and running but with an altered design.]

San Diego city guide (2012). Project for a friend.

Inscriptions of Israel / Palestine (2009). UI designer. Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University.

Women Writers Project (2010). Site design concept. Site updated in 2012 with modified design. Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University.

Open Brown (2008). Site concept and design. Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University.

Archaeotechnics (2008). Site concept and design for Archaeology department. Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University.