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I often present things I make and think about! I post almost everything I present here: slides, handouts, code, and/or TL;DR-style notes. These are mostly library-related.

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If you’ve got questions about any of these, or would like to invite me to present something, feel free to email me.


LACUNY Emerging Technologies

ALA Annual 2018

Past presentations:

Build your own Twitter bot: a gentle and fun introduction to Python (workshop)

GitHub screenshot

HTML and CSS for library professionals (workshop)

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Making ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’–style Tutorials with Twine

First slide with title and three sample passages

“Escape the Library!” Information Literacy and Collaborative Learning

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Accessibility basics: Usable today, preservable for tomorrow

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Gaming, Gamification, + DH (with a hands-on Twine tutorial)

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The New Zero-Cost Curated Course Pack: Interactive Databases, Videos and Other Library Gems to Enrich Your Teaching

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Search, Save, Cite! A Guided Tour of the New Library Website & OneSearch

Presentation title slide

Web scraping 201: wget, Python, and BeautifulSoup

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Library Gems Beyond the Book & PDF: Responding to diverse learning styles & taking advantage of teaching online

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Drupal + Git

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Intro to Text Analysis

Title slide

Nondescript: A web tool for subverting authorship attribution

Thesis presentation opening slide

Die Hard: Saving the Web for Scholars

Die Hard: the impossible, absolutely essential task of saving the web - opening slide

The Library Outpost: Modules, Templates, and Outreach in Blackboard

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Resources Supporting Diversity Issues and Diverse Learning Styles

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Who does the Internet think you are?

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Your business card is the internet

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Taking Care of Digital Efforts: A Multiplanar View of Project Afterlives

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Integrating information literacy in distance learning contexts

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Research Data Management Basics

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Murder Mystery Challenge!

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Mug Shots, Rap Sheets, & Oral Histories: Building the Digital Collections at John Jay

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Life With Pi: Microcomputing in Academia

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Reassignment project: Early Modern Digital Agendas

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Refining our library’s web presence

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Implementing a reference logger

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Seeing: final report for EMDA

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Personal information management

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Sentiment analysis of the Reading Experience Database

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DH Curation Guide presentations

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Chapels, Devils, Monks, & Friars: the Irreverent Language of Printing History

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